The First Mobile App I Created

Melvin Jones Gallano Repol
3 min readJun 30, 2022


When im learning programming one of the first few things i’d do asside from learning my first language was to create my first Android App.

My first programming language to learn was Java. Most of you now won’t gonna suggest it for first time learning instead go to web dev or python. But it’s a challenge for me to do so…

One of my first project was a Web Browser it was named WebView back then having a size of 2megabytes and few browser features (back,forward,refresh,stop,open and few settings). I’ve also done a side projects like Camera, Generator apk, Lyrics Apps, TTS etc..

But the first project hook me much so i continue updating it.. as times goes by i changed the application name to Webvium. The Project Webvium goes behind what i imagine with a size of 400KB and nomerous features.

It’s such an amazing task to handle such project. The smallest android app while having a variety of features is such a unique now a days.

Webvium was programmed from scratch, no libraries, no frameworks, no analytics, no ads, no background services, doesn’t run in background when app not open.

I somehow find a way to push notification and send update without using libraries or other codes that would bloat the app size and the privacy of the user.

And since the app doesn’t use any kindof libraries or frameworks and having a size of 400KB. The download and installation are beyond faster compared to others. Also the privacy, it was only handle and process by my own code.

Upon released 100% of the app size is my own written code tho not the icons (since its from Material Icons). With the combinations of such features Webvium uses less battery and resources. And focus the resources on rendering sites particularly the heavy ones.

The screenshots below shows most of the app activities(windows) tho not totally all since some are not available on my version or required some task to do so.

Perhaps upon releasing of the next update Webvium v2.9. Could be this be a competitor of Chrome on Android Devices? or so. There’s still so far to improved about this project but would be it soon i’ve been divoted my time creating this. Other even called its impossible to achieved such things.

As times goes by new improvements takes place maybe in the future this could be one of the Chrome alternatives for android devices and beyond. Or now a Android Stock/Chrome alternative for lowend devices.

For more information or to download the app:

what are your thoughts guys?

Webvium Screenshots



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