I develop WebView into such a 400KB Full Featured Android Web Browser.

Melvin Jones Gallano Repol
2 min readJun 26, 2022


The Webvium Project

I’ve been working on a project called Webvium for years that emphasizes security, privacy, and features while being lightweight.

The program currently supports Android 5.0 through the most latest versions of Android, which is amazing considering its 400KB size.

An screenshot of Webvium

It can be customized, managed, tweaked, has a material-based design, unmatched privacy, just introduced built-in ad blockers, and other built-in capabilities. It even has a VPN of its own.

The smallest software with the most features is 400KB in size. The app is currently available for download via my website, uptodown, Amazon, Samsung Galaxy, and Getjar. Google Play Store will soon be accessible.

An Screenshot of Webvium

My websites’ APKs are hosted independently from those from other Official Stores. Downloading the APK from the desired source should make installing the app quite easy. The step-by-step instructions are available at https://mrepol742.github.io/how-to-install.

Webvium may be installed from the official Samsung build at galaxy.store/webvium.

Webvium can be installed from the official Amazon build at amazon.com/dp/B09TLFJ86LF.

Webvium can be downloaded from the official Uptodown build at webvium.en.uptodown.com/android.

Webvium can be installed from the official GetJar build at getjar.com/categories/productivity-apps/bro…

You can install Webvium using the official build from my website at mrepol742.github.io/webvium/?

utm source=has..

An Screenshot of Webvium Settings showing settings options.

The goal of the Webvium project is to create the lightest, fastest, safest, most private, and feature-rich Android web browser. created and programmed using Scratch.




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